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Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply Corp./files/vte-logo.jpg$802-658-6055188 Krupp Drive, Williston VT
Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply Corp./files/vte-logo.jpg802-658-6055$188 Krupp Drive, Williston VT starstarstarstarstar 4.6 / 5 | 361 Total Reviews

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Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply Corp./files/vte-logo.jpg$188 Krupp Drive, Williston VT 802-658-6055" Water is hotter out of the tap, but we are still running out of hot water in the shower."
from Essex, VT on March 20th, 2018
5 (3 / 5)
Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply Corp./files/vte-logo.jpg$188 Krupp Drive, Williston VT 802-658-6055"I was concerned that a mini-split would overheat the loft in my home while not providing much improvement in distribution to the back of the house but I made the purchase out of a desire to go all electric. My concerns were fairly proven. If I do ever make the loft into a bedroom it will be over heated to a point that will cause a problem if I want to keep the main living space warm.In the end it is all ok, but not great. Both units make more noise than I hoped. The inside unit makes much more noise during what I think is its "defrost" cycle. The sound is like being inside a car going through an auto car wash. Genuinely disruptive to hanging out in my living room if I have guests when it happens. The low-end hum from the outdoor unit will have to be addressed at some point but the amount of money that VEC wants to re-mount the unit onto a pedestal is more than I want to spend right now. I also assume this can't be addressed until spring.I acknowledge that these are somewhat specific to my small/lofted home rather than poor performance of the unit.I am open to input on the noise from the inside unit if anyone thinks it could be improved upon."
from North Ferrisburg, VT on December 30th, 2014
5 (3 / 5)
Vermont Energy Contracting & Supply Corp./files/vte-logo.jpg$188 Krupp Drive, Williston VT 802-658-6055"Very happy with the equipment, however, less happy with the installation. While I expected some glitches with new equipment installation it was more than 5 weeks from the finish of installation until system was properly functional. It took 3 return visits to keep the system operational over a period of 5 weeks or more. It did not seem that my sense of urgency was shared until my third or maybe fourth call reporting problems at which point I'm sure my lack of further patience was evident. I believe the company is not intentionally negligent, so I can't help but wonder if priorities are well ordered or if communications are faulty. I can assure you that if the first priority is not the satisfaction of new customers, the level of future success is limited. While I had no objection to the policy of my payment due upon installation, the lack of efficient and timely response to obvious system malfunctions causes me to wonder if withholding payment for 30 days until installation has been proven to be trouble free would have been more effective than relying on your company's seemingly unmotivated response. As a comment that I may not be qualified to make is that an office that does not open until 8:30 AM and closes at 4:30 PM does not indicate an organization that is eager to do business or interact with the customer base. Thanks for soliciting my opinions and thanks to those of you who have worked hard through this tiresome project."
from Essex Jct, VT on November 11th, 2011
5 (3 / 5)