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Since 1984, Vermont Energy has been providing high quality heating, cooling, and plumbing services for homes and businesses throughout Vermont from our Williston office. We are locally owned and have been in the fore-front of energy technology since our founding.

We were the first area contractor to focus on the installation of ductless heat pump system, and since the 1990's we have been Vermont's top dealer of the industry leading Mitsubishi mini splits.

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Cold Weather Heat Pump Technology

In rural Vermont, we have historically relied on fuel oil and LP Gas as a primary central heating fuel. Natural gas has been available in a very limited areas in Franklin, Chittenden, and Addison Counties. The combination of carbon based fuels, and our brutally cold winter weather have burdened Vermont residents with much higher than average energy costs.

For the last decade or more, Mitsubishi has lead the HVAC worldwide in the development of cold weather heat pump technology. As Mitsubishi's largest Diamond Elite® Contractor, Vermont Energy has lead the State in the application of cold weather ductless heat pumps as a game changing alternative for Vermont home owners and businesses.

In 2018, Bosch introduced a new cold weather heat pump option for Vermonters with central ducted systems: the IDS Premium Ducted heat pump system. With HSPF ratings of 10.5, and rated performance down to -4°F, The Bosch IDS System is also a great choice.

Bosch IDS 2.0 HEat Pumps

Bosch IDS Ducted Heat Pumps and Dual Fuel Systems

Efficient ducted heat pump systems is a relative new innovation here in Vermont. The combination of an inverter driven outdoor unit combined with a variable speed air handler or a multistage variable speed gas furnace offers new choices for Vermont homeowners and businesses. We feature the Bosch IDS Premium 20SEER System:

  • Four outdoor unit sizes from 2 to 5 ton.
  • Fully modulating inverter driven outdoor units rated to -4° F
  • Up to 20.5 SEER cooling and 10.5 HSPF heating efficiency
  • Fully matched with Bosch BOVA20 variable speed air handlers
  • Dual fuel capable when combined with a variable speed multistage gas furnace.

Vermont Carbon Foot-Print

With the serious challenges of climate change, most Vermont residents place a priority on reducing our carbon foot-print. Throughout Vermont, we are fortunate that over 90% of our electricity is from carbon free generating sources. That, combined with our low-temperature heat pumps, make installing a ductless heat pump your best environment choice by far.

Vermont Heat Pump Rebates

There are attractive rebates available for the installation of high efficiency ductless heat pumps for Vermont home and business owners from Efficiency Vermont, Burlington Electric, Green Mountain Power and more. Click here for details.

Mitsubishi Mini-Split

Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump Installations

Ductless heat pumps are a great way for Vermont residents to make a huge difference in their energy costs and comfort levels. Installations of a Mitsubishi system in an existing structure are far easier than other choices because they only require a 3” line run between the outdoor and indoor units and they offer a broad range of indoor and outdoor unit combinations. These include:

  • Indoor units available including wall units, standard or compact air handlers, recessed ceiling units, and floor units. See all of our Mitsubishi indoor units here.
  • Outdoor units include single zone systems, or advanced multi-zone systems with up to 8 indoor zones. For full information about Mitsubishi's outdoor units click here.
  • Cleaner healthier indoor air with plasma air purifying technology
  • Better air circulation with computer-controlled louvers and fan speeds
  • Custom temperature control with remote controls for each indoor unit, and powerful App-based features to let you interact with your ductless mini-split heat pump from anywhere through your Apple and Android mobile device.

Because they can be effectively zoned, and because there is limited ductwork, according to the US Department of Energy ductless systems can be 30% more efficient for both heating and air conditioning. In the past, it was thought that heat pumps were not effective when outdoor temperatures got colder, but that is no longer the case. Our Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat heat pumps can provide their rate output down to 5°F, and heat efficiently with outdoor temperatures as low as -18°F.

Vermont Heat Pump Experts: Installation or Service

Heat pump systems are a great choice, but you need a company that is properly trained in their use and is fully committed to supporting this technology for your Vermont home or business. With EPA (Environment Protection Agency) certified installers and factory trained service tech’s, we can help you decide if a new green choice heat pump is your best choice.

While heat pump systems are fairly easy to install, servicing them is another matter. Most Vermont installers of heat pump systems lack the tools, training, and experience that Vermont Energy has offered for decades. If your ductless mini-split or ducted heat pump system needs service let us know. While we specialize in Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps, we service all brands including Fujitsu and Daikin. Click here for more information on our ductless heat pump repair service.